Product Name:FS-13

Slim type computer speaker 2.0 system.
Hi-Fi stereo audio amplifier.
Complete antimagnetic design.
Suitable for notebook computer, desktop PC/MAC, MP3 and MP4.
Output power: 2 x 1 watt.
Speaker dimension: 76 x 65 x 170 mm.
Inner package size: 170 x 70 x180 mm
Carton dimension: 37 x 36 x54 cm

. Connect the speaker’s USB connector and 3.5mm audio plug to correspondent connectors of your computer or other device, then play the music.
2. Turn-on the speaker Power, then Power LED bright..
3. Adjust the volume to appropriate level by turning the volume knob.
4. To use the headphone, just connect your headphone jack to speaker’s headphone connector, then the speaker become silent. Disconnect your headphone, the speaker will resume music.